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Luxuries of the Sea™

Ocean-blessed spa treatments

Thanks to BeautiControl ingenuity, the natural treasures of the sea have been captured in the new Luxuries of the Sea collection — the latest spa-quality pamperings in the tradition of Therma del Sol’s Italian inspired spa indulgences. Luxuries of the Sea treatments contain beneficial marine-based botanicals, vitamins and minerals to replenish skin exposed to daily stress, environmental pollutants, sun exposure and dehydration.

Bath and body pamperings


Ocean Bath
Re-creates the peaceful pleasures of the sea to calm your mind and body. Experience much deserved relaxation as you soak in its blue waters enriched with beneficial sea salts, aquatic botanicals, minerals and antioxidants. You’ll feel a million miles away as you breathe in the intoxicating fresh sea scent.


Moisture Wrap Body Conditioner
Works by tapping into the therapeutic benefits of the heat and humidity as you shower to open pores and allow skin to receive and absorb generous amounts of moisture, as well as rich marine botanicals and antioxidants. Your skin will feel incredibly soft and smooth all day.

Skin Treatments

Skin Balm with NutriSpheres™
Designed to comfort and re-mineralize skin affected by daily sun exposure, poor air quality, stress and lack of vitamins. Advanced NutriSpheres, tiny blue and green beads, provide a new level of skin hydration, while ocean-blessed botanicals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are all delivered to the skin.


Fango Seaweed Scrub/Masque
Caters to two very important skin care needs — detoxification and exfoliation. You choose how you want to use — as a masque or a scrub — and if you want to use just on the face and/or on the body. Give yourself a Fango Facial, for face and body!


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